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Why is it important to use a car safe to secure your laptop and other mobile assets in your car? Unfortunately opportunistic theft is an everyday occurrence and is a global problem. Laptop computers remain the number one target for thieves and with the cost of deploying mobile IT falling and the pressures of competitive business increasing, the drive toward mobile working continues as does the growth of sales of mobile assets. 

security box for the car prevents the loss of any valuables in a random “smash and grab” attack. The possibility of losing company confidential data into the public domain remains the number one threat to businesses today. It is impractical or unrealistic to believe that mobile IT will always be with the individual and can often compromise employee’s health and safety to expect it to be so. A car safe addresses this issue and remains an integral part of any holistic physical security policy.

The portfolio of autosafes® provides the solution for protecting laptops and mobile assets on the move and provides the user with a much needed “safe haven” for secure storage. The autosafe® car safe brings together high security features including; twin locking system, integrated hinges, anti drill locks and high tensile steel tethering ropes yet it’s design is sleek and extremely simple to install and operate every time every day. For installation you will require no tools or drilling and every product will be installed within 5 minutes maximum.

You choose what to protect; The autosafe® car safes range provides a product to suit any application; enough space for your notebook/data with accessories or paperwork, carry case and all contents, satellite navigation units, wallet, purse, PDA, mobile phone, iPOD, Sunglasses or Digital Camera equipment (professional or personal).

How it works

Every vehicle comes with many points to fix the autosafe® security box to. Typical fixings include; luggage loops, seat hinges, seat rails, ISO child seat fixings and in saloon cars, there are a number of anchor points in the cavity of the boots’ surround. 

Firstly locate the most appropriate secure fixing point close to the area you wish to store the autosafe®, i.e. passenger foot well or boot. Loop the cable around the chosen fixing and simply feed it back to the autosafe and into the cable lock. All autosafes® come with simple to follow instructions.

Once the cable is installed the autosafe® is now ready to use. To ensure the autosafe® is secure you must lock the unit by closing the lid, trapping the cable and removing the key, the key can only be removed when the lid is locked. All valuables within the autosafe® are now protected and secure. 

Every autosafe® car safe comes with anti movement protection; Velcro (all products) and Velcro, carpet clip with rubber feet (s5 only).