The S-15T autosafe® laptop car safe has greater space and with the same ease of top loading as its smaller sister the S-10T. This car safe can take the larger laptops on the market along with more space for valuable documents and or records. Again this medium sized car safe comes fully lined with a premium high density foam, protecting anything placed within.

autosafe® S-15T
autosafe® S-15T front open
autosafe® S-15T side closed
autosafe® S-15T side open
autosafe® S-15T upright
autosafe® S-15T open with cable lock
autosafe® S-15T back closed
autosafe® S-15T back open
autosafe® S-15T secured in car boot
S-15T Car Safe Cable Locked
excl. VAT
Weight: 7.1 kg

External dimensions
• Width - 410mm
• Depth - 342mm
• Height - 108mm

Internal dimensions
• Width - 393mm
• Depth - 327mm
• Height - 90mm