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Barclays Bank

Customer’s Challenge

Barclays is a major global financial services provider engaged in retail and commercial banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services, with an extensive international presence in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. In the UK alone it serves over 15 million customers and has over

1,700 branches. Due to the nature of their work, company executives are frequently required to carry sensitive and potentially valuable information. With the risk of loss of any such information presenting a clear security risk, Barclays selected autosafe® to provide a solution.

autosafe® Solution

After evaluating the model of laptop and size of briefcase the executives used, autosafe® selected the S30-F front loading car boot safes for use in each of the executive’s vehicles. The dimensions of the S30-F made it suitable to house the laptop, briefcase, or the two together, and allowed them to be loaded into or removed from the vehicle quickly and conveniently.

Benefits to our customer

The key benefits Barclays gained from the autosafe® solution:

  1. Mitigated Risk – The cost associated with the loss of any executive’s laptops or briefcases represented a high a security risk.
  2. Minimise business disruption – Executives time is valuable and the loss of information or equipment would have an associated impact on work time.